At the end of January 2007, Dj Crni Zmaj prepared a mix and contacted Dj MiVu concerning a possible cooperation. Both sides quickly affirmed, so the mix "3 in 1" was released a while later. During a conversation both came up with the idea of founding a DJ team, which was made up by guys who live and work in Germany. Dj MiVu proposed that Dj SaLE, Dj Zoki and Dj-Ole should join the group (and they accepted). After a short discussion the boys decided to call themselves "YUnited Dj's". A few days later (more precise 03/09/2007) the domain was available to everyone. People could download re/mixes, write in the guest book and read the latest news.
The website organized a huge remix contest entitled "Summer Folk Remix 2007". Dj Zoki, Dj MiVu, Dj-Ole and Dj Crni Zmaj participated and all four were present on the CD in the end, which achieved big success in the area of former Yugoslavia, but also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Because of the increasing interest on the team, the decision was made to create a new homepage. The goal was to simplify the communication between the DJs and their friends or fans. Furthermore the users could catch up suggestions about mixing, comment on re/mixes and write on the board. With the new site, the boys have got reinforcement - as Dj Novo became the sixth member of the troop. This took place on November 1st, 2007.
Since then lots of gigs followed all over Germany, as well as participations in projects like "Summer Folk Remix 2009 & 2010", "Dj Nasko & Friends", "Dj Kappa & Friends", "MT Mix Contest" (finished with the win of Dj Zoki and Dj Crni Zmaj) and many more. YUnited Dj's could delight their users and friends with new attractions (WC betting community 2010, online darts tournament plus Miss and Mister contest 2009 and 2010) and give the young talented DJs the opportunity to attend a remix contest (so far three were organized) with the goal to prove themselves. Dj Cromeo, Dj Vuk and JIS noise were the winners. These competitions lived from the mixture of young and unknown DJs and very experienced disc jockeys, who are very long in this profession.
By now, YUnited Dj's published 6 CDs under their own name and 3 CDs (The Beat Fanatics, Fresh MixTour Vol. 1 and 2) as the organizer. The discs were released as an online edition. The lads established their own webradio "YUnited Dj's Online Radio" in November 2009, with the aim of promoting their re/mixes and playing exclusive music from the former Yugoslavia. At the end of January 2010, the team was strengthened once again - Dj Sečko became the 7th fellow.
The guys know, what's going on in the discos and what is preferred, therefore they are always up to date - a fact which reflected their recent works.