Name: Saša
Day of birth: 12.08.1980
Place of birth : Stuttgart
Residence: Stuttgart/Kos. Vitina/Kragujevac
Software: Sony ACID 6.0, Acoustica, Adobe Audition
DJ since : PC: 2005 / Live: 2003

Dj Crni Zmaj started to merge songs to Folk or House Mixes in 2002 and commenced to make remixes (for the public) three years later.
He had his first appearances at an Indian event called "Bollywood Bang". Afterwards he performed at arabic, greek and domestic parties, providing the club people with local music.


Bollywood Bang, Stuttgart
"Folk Deluxe" - Privé, Ludwigshafen
"Balkan Night" - Yangtse, Dortmund
Orient Night, Stuttgart
Alasitas, Stuttgart
& various private events

Dj Crni Zmaj is not active anymore (as a Live DJ).