Name: Mihajlo
Day of birth: 16.08.1988
Place of birth: Sindelfingen
Residence: Sindelfingen/Bijeljina
Software: Sony ACID 5.0
DJ since : PC: 2005 / Live: 2006

Dj MiVu liked music from the year one so he decided to get a software for mixing and the result of this experiment were his first remixes in 2005.
He gathered his first experience as a Live DJ at private parties and birthday celebrations. After that he got the opportunity to work in "Metropola" (Stuttgart) for some months, followed by many events in and around Stuttgart and Berlin.


Metropola, Stuttgart
"Big Party" - Café MP, Stuttgart
Partibrejkers, Berlin
Balkan Night, Friedrichshafen
Calwer Oase, Calw
Ludilo Deluxe, Karlsruhe
Balkan Party, Heidelberg
Big Balkan Party, Reutlingen
Balkan Night, Heilbronn
& various private events