Name: Ivan
Day of birth: 24.09.1987
Place of birth : Versmold
Residence: Bielefeld/Tuzla
Software: Sony ACID Pro 6.0, FL Studio
DJ since : PC: 2002 / Live: 2003

Dj Sečko was fascinated by the DJ world and he had a great wish to be part of this world. So he decided to start making remixes on his PC in 2002.
He had his first commitment as a Live DJ in 2003, playing music in "In Touch" (Hamm). He left behind a good impression and from then on he appeared in many discos in and around Bielefeld.


Zino, Hannover
GQ, Hannover
Reich & Schön, Berlin
Goldrot, Berlin
Apollo, Lippstadt
In Touch, Hamm
Pyramide, Kassel
Favorit, Hannover
Farinda, Bielefeld
Prime, Bielefeld
Reduta, Dortmund
& various events in Düsseldorf, Lippstadt and Essen.